Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

About this site

Relationship. Discipleship. Encouragement. Preparation. The Celebration is a thought provoking weblog to inspire, motivate, and equip Christians to celebrate this amazing life of change and adventure in the Kingdom of God!

The Lord has been using our printed newsletter, The Celebration, to shape the spiritual walk of believers at Gateway for several years now. In order to make our past articles available to a wider audience and to remind us all of important things the Lord is saying to us today, we present to you…. The Celebration Blog.

For those of you who receive the weekly newsletter, this is a great way to ask questions, dig deeper, and have conversation around the articles in “The C.” Use this site to revisit some of those things that really impacted you from former printings. I challenge you to read them all with fresh eyes, and listen to what the Lord would say to you through them today.

For all our readers, new and old… Join us as we celebrate our life in Christ!


Comments on: "About this site" (9)

  1. […] experience with her faith.  It also turns out that she is one of several authors who contribute to The Celebration blog, and that the authors all share an interest in a ministry referred to as the Gateway Believers […]

  2. “as important it is to believe in god,it is even more important that god should believe in
    you.” copyright joseph p.martino

  3. connie robinson said:

    I love coming to your site and reading the wonderful things you share on here! It always ministers life to me and makes my day!
    thank you so much!
    You are all such a blessing!
    Connie :>)

    • The Celebration said:

      We love having you come visit, Connie! Your words of encouragement have helped me plenty on those days when I don’t feel like posting. Just knowing someone out there is being ministered to is such a help! Thanks for being part of our extended family!

  4. Like Tony the tiger says “It’s Grrrrrreat!

  5. Great Blogs of Fire, looks great

  6. I love your site. Keep it up !

  7. Linda Frederick said:

    Hi, Aunt Naomi! Glad to have readers from Delaware!! I hope you come back and visit this site often. The posts all come from different folks on our publications team at church, so there is a variety. I edit and post them all, but I only write about half of them… or less. Spread the word! We’re hoping the content of the posts here will be a blessing far and wide! Big love to all the family!

  8. Aunt Naomi said:

    Hey what a great thing. Your writing is really good. I miss seeing you and your family and having a good heart to heart talk. Love you, Aunt Naomi

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